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This looks very cool Ryan - congrats on the launch! It's instantly appealing to me, and I fully understand the motivation. NameCheap, while an awesome domain name provider, still feels a bit "hackey" in their UI. It works, but it feels odd. This appeals to me more -- like Stripe for domain names.

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you: The fact that you list that you're a one-man operation, that you're 18 years old, and that you say you "achieved financial independence at the age of 16" is a big turn-off to me.

I know it shouldn't be. I don't want it to be. I'm sure you've built an awesome product/service. But I also know what I was like when I was 18, and I know how much I thought I knew and how I appeared to others.

But I can't lie -- this would prevent me from using the service at the moment. My domain names are very important -- and it raises too many questions. Did you master the security side of things? Have you considered all potential points of failure? Have you vetted this with folks with more experience in the industry? Etc.

I'm not trying to rain on the parade or put down this accomplishment. I think it is -awesome- that you've built and launched a product that looks (and probably is) this good. But I think you might want to reconsider how you present your background.

Which of course leads to a whole new set of questions -- should you just leave out your age entirely? I'm not sure. (Is it really relevant or is this just me being knee-jerk?)

Either way, best of luck and congrats on the launch.

I completely understand your point. Age is not something I can manipulate with so I don't mind facing the truth.

It's okay if you're not using NameTerrific today. I'm sure you wouldn't trust your important domains with any random startups that you've never heard of before (and you shouldn't). But let me answer your questions:

- Security. I've invested a lot of time in security. Basically the whole system is running in a private network and the only public-facing node is the load balancer. The DNS servers are running in a separate network and connect with TerrificDNS controller with a secure connection. eNom API requires IP address verification. Credit cards are stored completely outside the web service. I've paid attention to common attacks (injection, CSRF, XSS and mass assignment).

- Points of failure. DNS is a difficult thing to handle because the uptime is critical. That's why TerrificDNS Anycast uses Amazon Route 53. If you're uncomfortable with NameTerrific's DNS servers, you can choose this outsourced solution. 100% SLA.

- My background: It seems true that my age is more of a perceived-technical disadvantage rather than a marketing advantage, especially when considering the seriousness of my project(s). However, I've been coding for 6 years (with 4 years web) so I think it shouldn't be a serious limiting factor.

Thank you for your compliments! I'll prove myself with time and results.

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