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I'd love for a blogging platform that let me use custom CSS, Markdown (because I post code all the time on my blog) and free hosting.

Where is something like that?

Wordpress, atrocious code support. Jekyll, too much configuration. I don't want to learn Jekyll I just want to post code.

Where is the middle ground for people like me? Sounds like this hypothetical "Ghost" is just what I'm looking for. Now if someone could build it...

Hey - I'm making a thing called https://jekyllhub.com - it's designed to take the pain our of Jekyll and get you blogging quickly and easily. I'd love to get your feedback on it. If you send me your email, I can make you a free lifetime account: andrew@atevans.com


I recommend http://getkirby.com/ (Not affiliated, but a fan.)

It's worth the $39, but you can try it on a non-public site before you buy. It's incredibly simple, powered by plain text markdown files, easy to extend, and there is a "Panel" plugin that gives a very basic backend. Very little setup since it runs on PHP and without a true database. You can also connect it with Dropbox if you have the server permissions, to make editing files even easier.

Github pages and prose.io would do the trick for you then.

I really like Ghost, but as a front-end to a github-pages/Jekyll powered blog. It'd be exactly what I'm after.

I've tried Github Pages, not intuitive AT ALL, terrible user experience.

I'll look into prose.io

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