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    > Ghost would be developed openly, and it would encourage contribution. Until
    > now, Open Source projects have often had an incredibly high barier [sic] to
    > entry for contribution, which is so complicated and convoluted that only
    > advanced-level developers have ever really had a hope of getting involved.

    > Ghost would facilitate open and easy contribution from people with different
    > skillsets to help grow and evolve the platform. Because designers and
    > developers working together to solve problems always produces a better end
    > result.
N.B.: I'm talking from my experience with other open-source projects; I haven't worked with Wordpress before but I think there are some generalizations here that need addressing.

I disagree that there's an ‘incredibly’ high barrier to entry with many FLOSS projects, over and above the technical ability to read and understand what's happening in the code (which cannot be made up for through community efforts, or indeed forking). The language used in this passage presents these issues as manufactured or intended, and therefore as problems that can be fixed by simply making different decisions. But they're fundamentally issues of community, and of time/attention management on the part of the core developers, and they require extraordinary patience.

It's very easy to say "get designers and developers working together". But, as I've seen with DevOps (which is the principle of "developers and operations working together"), the phrase "working together" is often used without any understanding of its meaning.

I don't want to come across as a naysayer. But seriously, if you have the answers to the problems presented here, a lot of people would love to know.

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