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Can you explain how this is different from using any other domain registration service? It's not clear what the problem is, aside from not being GoDaddy et al, and how you are fixing it, as there are a number of reputable registrars available. Having said that, congrats on the launch.

In my blog post (http://blog.nameterrific.com/2012/11/the-fix/) I have listed a few problems.

Basically the domain name industry wasn't being actively developed in the last few years. A lot of effort was spent on the business side, especially how to use domains to boost parking, hosting and SEO services revenue. I think geeks deserve a professional platform that only deals with domain names.

It's a billion industry, and it's a shame that there're few startups focusing on this business. NameTerrific was meant to fill this gap.

You could say exactly the same about Stripe.

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