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This proposal makes many good points. If I were rewriting Wordpress, here's what I'd think of:

- Seriously consider redesigning the logical layout of the software. Some sort of rough MVC-ish pattern would be a huge improvement over the 'loop' in Wordpress which is almost impossible to deal with.

- I personally dislike PHP, but I do see its benefits in deployment.

- Make it easy to make beautiful typographic layouts. There's a reason this 1-page wasn't done in Wordpress itself; it is almost impossible to make 'hand-crafted-web' looks in Wordpress without deep CSS and HTML diving. Great blog post layouts shouldn't be that hard. Not all content is the same.

I'm pretty sure the, 'hand-crafted-web' look is going to require deep CSS and HTML diving anyway you slice it.

True. Perhaps a Wordpress varient would allow for per-post CSS files.

I haven't touched WP in a few years; does it have the equivalent of the Rails Asset Pipeline yet?

It's old but it still works fine, check out the Art Direction plugin:


Does that banner* need to be in place if no one has voted "It's broken" for the latest version of WP?

*This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

I think is a newer, more recently updated plugin:


I don't know much of anything about Rails.

As for the per-post CSS files it would be easy to do with a Posts custom field. You could take text input (CSS) and spit it out in the header using a basic query on the current post.

Splitting everything up like that also makes it a lot of fun when you want to redesign your site ;-)

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