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johnonolan 532 days ago | link | parent

Just because it's a rough concept, and I wanted to put it out as quickly as possible rather than delaying by procrastinating about coding a layout. I actually stole got the idea for making it a big page of images from the original .Mail concept page. If there's interest - of course we could put something more professional (and machine readable) together!

objclxt 532 days ago | link

It really put me off. It's not about making it machine-readable, it's about making it human readable for the sizeable number of people who are visually impaired, prefer or need to read in large print, are on high DPI devices, or even copy/paste.

It's a massive, huge step backwards. I can't even search the page. I wanted to try and read all of it, but I gave up. I understand that it's quick and dirty, but I don't really think you should throw something out for comment when you can't even copy/paste from the source.


MBCook 531 days ago | link

It's a terrible mistake. I can't read the site on my iPhone. I can't double tap to fit the text to the screen, it fits the image. If I zoom in, the text looks hazy since its not being re-rendered.

Why would anyone do that?


leeb 531 days ago | link

Just came to comment on the lack of accessibility for this page - thank you for pointing it out to the author.

If you insist on using images instead of actual text, at LEAST add alt-text of the content to the images! Then the page would be screen-reader accessible.


calinet6 532 days ago | link

Yeah, my retina display gave you away. Looked pretty bad.

This isn't a dig on your images or design (I really liked the ideas and design for sure)—but out of curiosity, do you find image layout easier or more difficult than CSS? I ask because if I wanted to build something like this, I'd go straight for HTML/CSS not because it's proper but because it would be faster and easier.


csomar 532 days ago | link

I don't think it's justifiable. Lots of people can't read from an image. (For various reasons).

I ended up closing the page because the font size is too small.


ckluis 532 days ago | link

Why not go the roots route? Build a parent theme/theme framework that does everything you want - while maintaining WordPress as its base. This allows you to take advantage of the changes in WordPress overtime - and allows users to switch to a full website if their blog takes off and they turn it into a company/personal website instead of blog. Best of both worlds.

I think forking wordpress isn't as good of an idea as building a product which changes wordpress but still leaves everything in tact if someone wants to switch without requiring complex importing/exporting.


SquareWheel 531 days ago | link

I kept trying to select the text (when I scroll that's how I keep my place on the page). You probably don't need to re-do this page, but consider a text option in the future.


paulsilver 532 days ago | link

I'd guessed this was to get something out the door quickly. It would be useful if you linked the FAQ image as a mailto to your e-mail address, or just through to your Twitter account. Having to type those out manually is a bit annoying.


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