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London, UK (West End): Python/JavaScript developers

Glow has been working with the Facebook Ads API since June 2009, helping clients like Omnicom, Group M, Kraft Foods, Best Buy, Ford and King.com run effective ad campaigns on Facebook. All the team at Glow come from a background in digital marketing services technology and have a knowledge of the marketing potential and techniques on Facebook which is second to none. In September 2012 we were awarded Strategic PMD status by Facebook, "the highest distinction of excellence we have ever offered to our marketing developers"

Glow is on a rapid growth curve and are currently looking to assemble a super team of great developers to work in our West End office. Successful candidates will play a pivotal role in building the company as we go forward. We’ll do everything we can to make you feel at home.

We cook with Python, Javascript, a large dose of other cutting edge technologies and a healthy mix of social and advertising APIs.

If you think you can hack it, please apply to careers@thisisglow.com

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