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The guy who wrote this uses a mac, his examples are relevant to mac software, is he even entitled to write about the subject or did he just try to fill his weekly rant quota?

If you have a mac, don't write about netbooks being shitty. It's your opinion, true, but you should keep that opinion to yourself.

I do lots on my netbook.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I needed some kind of official entitlement to be allowed to write about this subject. Since you seem to know more, can you point me in the proper direction? Where do I get the entitlement that I require?

By the way, I also have two netbooks (a Asus running Ubuntu, and a hackintoshed Dell). That's kind of my point: netbooks aren't shitty — for people like us. We know what they are, and we can work around their limitations. Most "regular" people don't, and can't.

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