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Ask HN: Has anyone noticed a dramatic decrease in Amazon affiliate revenue?
3 points by the_bear 1807 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite
I help my mom run a cooking blog, and most of our revenue comes from linking to products using the Amazon affiliate program. Over the last month, our revenue from Amazon has dropped significantly (almost an order of magnitude). Nothing else about the blog has changed, including our traffic.<p>Has anyone else noticed this? I supposed that it's possible that people don't buy very much this time of year in anticipation of the holidays. If it's happening to other people, then maybe it makes sense to wait until the real shopping season starts before reacting.<p>Any insight is appreciated.

You should look at the historic data: So how did you do in October of this year vs. October of last year or the year before? That will tell you if you're hitting a specific season that's slow. You should also look at what people are buying since that will also give you clues. Also it's not the amount of traffic you get, but the quality of it — are your readers as good as they were when you first started the blog?

Earnings was up for me

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