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Nope all over this article.

>If you want to buy a botnet, it'll cost you somewhere in the region of $700

Very vague.

>ZeuS source code: $200-$500

Nope, total bullshit. It is widely available. [1]

>SOCKS bot (to get around firewalls): $100

Nope. "Socks bot" refers to the ability to convert an infected computer into a SOCKSv5 proxy

>Unintelligent exploit bundle: $25

This refers to exploit packs, which is obfuscated software sold on these boards that contain unpatched 0day exploits. Exploit packs are worthless after a week, unless updated since all the vulnerabilities (apart from Java[2]). They're available for free.



Also, just as an additional note: it is not just Russia doing this. Countries where extradition is not an option generally tend to have the largest amount of cyber crime. The list includes China[1], Germany[4], Russia, Japan[3] and France[2]. People in these countries generally target Americans, since USA has the second largest amount of internet users (245,203,319) [5] and has one of the highest GDP in the world[6]. Recently a security firm investigated a Facebook virus called KoobFace and found out its Russian authors, however, they were unable to prosecute them due to Russian Laws[7]








What you say is not correct, at least in regard to Germany. This lets me wonder about the validity of your other statements. In Germany, cyber crime is thoroughly investigated and punished, with no exception when your victims are overseas.

On top of that, the excerpt of Germany's most basic collection of laws you have linked ([4]) just states that there will be no extradiction to US. This only means that people will be punished for their crimes within Germany and not in the U.S. - but not that they won't be punished at all.

For eu countries just make sure that your uk subsidiary is an interested party /effected by the crime and eu arrest warrants are easy to get.

Any other link to the ZeuS source code ? That link seems to be down.

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