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Show HN: After HackerNode, I built a free reddit client for iPhone/iPad (nodemesh.net)
23 points by nodemaker on Nov 4, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

Great job! Definitely can't beat the price point :)

Feedback: 1. Put search in the main article list instead of in the left panel. Perhaps either a hidden search field that you expose by dragging down (like iOS mail client) or a search button that exposes the field.

2. The left panel looks like a junk drawer of icons. They could stand to be organized a bit since I don't see things like Support and history as peers to the categories.

Overall great work. I like the automatic loading as you scroll down.

Thanks :)

Well I was thinking I would put a search bar on the main article list as a way to filter the main article list. But I'll definitely consider this possibility too. And yeah you're probably right about differentiating subreddits from Support and history. Thanks for the feedback!

You might also want to spend a couple of bucks on some icons :). It's amazing what higher quality image assets will do to improve overall impression of an app.


I've just gotten my first iOS device and was looking for a reddit client.

Minor request: could you make the blue configurable? I happen to find that particular shade jarring and would love to be able to change it to something else. Thanks much.

Thanks :)....Sure I will include settings for a lot of different blues in the next update!

Why should I use this over Alien Blue?

Well for better user experience for now :)...I will actively add features and get up to par with alien blue....as this is the first version/MVP I am not quite there yet!

Could you elaborate on this? The reason I love Alien Blue is it's amazing user experience. What makes your app better? I can't download and check for myself right now, but would love to hear some reasons.

I assume it's better than the existing Reddit mobile site at m.reddit.com, but how so?

I'd change the cursor for the buttons at top-left and top-right (on the website, not the mobile app) to be pointer icons, rather than text editing ones.

well in terms of UX its a lot smoother! And sure I need to work on the website asap. Thanks for the feedback!

The app looks great, but your site looks awful on the retina iPad! You should really get some higher DPI icons

Try getting some points on your graphic design footprint.

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