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Here is a list of static site generators (you should add your own): https://gist.github.com/2254924

I'm big fan of Jekyll. I use it intensively on my binaryage.com site: https://github.com/binaryage/site

I also started working on my own client-side static-site post-processor: https://github.com/darwin/terraform

This is not yet another static site generator. The idea is to have browser-based editor for static site with live preview. Saving your changes would go directly to github, which will trigger site regeneration.

Right now I'm waiting for PhantomJS to upgrade internal webkit version. Terraform depends on the new DOMMutationObserver API (resp. on http://code.google.com/p/mutation-summary).

Aww, I thought I was gonna be the guy who talked about my server-side static site generator first. Haha, anyway, what I like about generating static sites on the server, at least for my situation, is that you can hand over control to anyone and they're immediately familiar with how it works from having used Wordpress or some such for years.

I won't like to mine because it's still full of code written for the original use case but mine started as a blog engine for a few of the non-technical people in my department. They needed a blogging engine but because of some stupid beaurocratic reason we couldn't use a database. So the options were to add blog posts manually and fake it, teach them to use Jekyll (that would never happen), or, what I chose, a static site generator on the server that no one would ever think is a static site generator. They love it and think I'm a genius (and it only consists of like 3 files which I think is funny).

This is an interesting idea. I have a wordpress blog and would be very interested to switch to static. However, my wife uses the blog and really needs something more WYSIWYG than markdown.

Be sure to share when you've finished.

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