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Good lawyers don't advertise (always a golden rule) but are often mentioned in searchable online media. A good technique (imho) for lawyer selection in any given major city is to collect a list of the most prominent lawyers in the specialization area of interest, and interview all of them. There will usually be fewer than a dozen candidates if you've done decent research & narrowing down. At some point in the interview ask who they would personally recommend as a lawyer if they couldn't recommend themselves. Then see where the answers converge.

This does take a few days and in a country like India might take even longer. So if you need somebody in a few hours it could be useless advice. If you can find somebody for initial representation and then switch to somebody else later, it might be more applicable.

Thanks. I think in the short term we just need someone there right now. In the long term this sounds like a good strategy, if there is a long term...

I am not sure if this http://www.vakilsearch.com ('vakil' means a lawyer in Hindi/Urdu) can provide lawyers to represent in a criminal case but you can just give it a shot for initial representation

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