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I don't think you stepped on Jacques' toes. We're just pretty stressed about this and so being brief (I'm now replying to messages/social media and gathering leads while he tries to ring up lawyers).

I answered those points now in my post:

- It is not a good idea to discuss the details of the case right now. There is a police case, it is completely made up as an excuse to get hold of the person we're talking about (I've seen the case filing). The main charge is kidnapping, and she's the victim - but somehow she still gets arrested. India for the win.

- She's an Indian national.

- We need a professional, influential, trustworthy lawyer and are willing to pay (reasonable fees).

Lawyers certainly help. However you could also have someone contact a local women's rights group. Also put the word out to some of her Indian friends. May be someone could get some "political" help to get things going. That's how it works in India. If you know someone really rich in Delhi, they could also help. Most likely they know a M.L.A or an M.P or someone high up in the police. I hope fellow HN'rs with political contacts in Delhi would reach out to you.

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