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Absolutely. I would say that around three quarters of the people I know who have Android devices have never downloaded more than a tiny handful of apps (my mum, who got one passed down to her when my sister got a different Android device on a free upgrade), didn't even realise she could download anything and I doubt she even realised that she'd got an Android phone. It was simply a phone that she could now get email on.

For iPhones, the vast majority of people I know with them use then constantly and have a wide range of apps on there.

Of course, Android still has its power users, who are probably even more passionate about Android than the average iOS user is about iOS, but like you say, they are still in the minority at the moment.

As an example, my company has a mobile app out there for Android and iOS. Over two thirds of the downloads we've had so far have been on iOS, and they typically use the app far more frequently that the Android users.

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