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what does "mac vs pc" mean?

i know it was an advertising campaign. i know there was competition between apple and pc manufacturers. but this article seems to assume that the phrase has some clear meaning/implication for the future (and that "it" is happening again). but what is "it"?

is it just saying - look, the market is dividing into two brands, one with wider appeal and lower prices, the other aimed more at discretionary spending?

if so, what is interesting about that? serious q - i feel i'm completely missing the point here. is the idea that this is dangerous for apple? if so, isn't the counterargument that, historically, apple has managed to adapt and innovate? i mean, it's hardly suffering right now.

He's referring to the competition between Apple's Mac & MS Dos + Windows in the late 80s to mid-90s. The compressed version of the narrative is:

Mac was innovative, brilliant, early but too expensive & without enough applications.

Windows was late, copied & sucked but was cheaper (because of commodity hardware) had all the dos apps from the 80s and got gradually better. By 95 the network effects of the developer ecosystem had locked windows in to 20 years of dominance. It also helped that by 95 windows didn't really suck much.

The moral of the story is (supposedly) that OS Platforms have one winner. Developers develop for the largest user base and users buy the cheapest platform with the most apps.

Fairly sure it refers to the locked down os-and-hardware bundling of Apple, vs. the install Windows on anyone's hardware, back in the day.

Microsoft won that battle and Apple barely scraped through.

Will Android win this time round in a similar fashion?

Apple sells more iPods than Macs.

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