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But every Android phone out there is another personal information hoover for Google that produces them money, so yes, they are profiting off of every unit sold that ships with the Google-branded applications provided the users use them and their locational services, which most users do because otherwise Android ships rather spartan to the point of urging you to use them.

People who believe Android is 'free' do not understand what's in it for Google. If this was not the case, then lawsuits like Skyhook wouldn't exist: http://www.theverge.com/2011/05/12/google-android-skyhook-la...

Except that Google is slowly but surely having its wings clipped. So this idea that it will be able to leverage Android at will is misguided.

Its unified privacy policy is already under threat in the EU and it is facing multiple anti-trust investigations in the US and soon to be EU, SK et al. Not to mention all the competition issues with Google News and Google Search.

Combine all of that with the lack of online usage and engagement amongst Android users and everything isn't quite so rosy.

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