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Ask HN: Why is 20% of the Front Page NY Times Articles?
6 points by pokoleo 1723 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
As of Saturday, at 9PM, 6 posts on the front page are NY Times articles.

It could be that the times lowered its paywall after Sandy, and only just reinstated it, so people have been able to explore and find more interesting articles than usual.

I've noticed how prevalent the New York Times is on /r/TrueReddit too. I don't think there is a complex answer. The answer to me that is most likely is the simple answer that the New York Times often has quality information and therefore has its articles shared and voted up more.

Good catch.

My guess would be that on weekends lots of tech blogs tend to rest and not publish many articles.

But maybe the New York times is busy on the weekends publishing interesting human interest stories.

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