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Long-time Valgrind user here, who has been using asan sporadically for a while inside Google. asan is way faster (and uses way less memory, I suspect), but is less exhaustive. Check out this page for more info: http://code.google.com/p/address-sanitizer/wiki/ComparisonOf...

Most notably, asan does not yet catch memory leaks, and will never be able to detect use of uninitialized values. Valgrind can tell you when you're using uninitialized values at bit-level granularity.

So Valgrind is still king in absolute capability, but it's likely that asan's speed will open it up to being used in cases where Valgrind simply isn't possible due to its speed/size overhead.

You're probably using ASAN a lot more than sporadically within Google. A lot of the continuous builds run with it on.

I think that's really the biggest advantage ASAN has - it's cheap enough that you can just make it the default when running tests or developing on your local machine, and catch a number of memory errors immediately instead of having to actively debug them.

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