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The problem isn't that OEMs are unable to modify the OS, it's that they do it badly.

I've owned four Android devices, and used a lot more. Three were Google branded, and were awesome. My current phone is an HTC Sensation 4G, which is awful. I don't know that I can blame Sense and HTC for all that sucks about this phone, but I miss my Nexus One pretty much daily. I'm eagerly awaiting the Nexus 4, because it'll only cost a little more than I can sell my Sensation 4G for, and will return me to living in a pure Google Android experience.

I want less OEM customization because the OEMs break the OS and make it less pleasant. Even if I couldn't sell my current phone to recoup some of the cost, I'd probably still buy a Nexus 4. The friction of using an unreliable and quirky phone has a cost that I consider too expensive. So, I regret buying a device that doesn't have a pure Android OS build, and I'm very unlikely to make that same mistake again.

You can install Google's Android stock version on your phone and have your preferred OS experience. Something like this http://www.androidauthority.com/htc-sensation-install-stock-...

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