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So it's the same libel laws that we were regarding as batshit insane just a few months ago, when they were being used to silence scientists and journalists. But since they're now being used against a company some people don't like, the tune has changed to "you don't mess with the UK courts", "they had it coming", "my judge can beat up your judge", and similar outbursts of vicarious machismo. I find the tribalism in the tech community reprehensible.

You're right, a critique of the UK libel laws is not subject to simplicity since it cuts both ways. Not everything boils down to black & white thinking.

This is not a case of abusive use of libel laws. This is actually a case of libel where they were proven in a court of law to be lying.

The reason people are upset about the oppressive libel laws is that they suppress true factual speech. Libel is supposed to be about falsehoods.

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