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It's unfortunate that shipping to european countries is on average about 4x the cost of the product. For example: a kensington-like cable is 25$ but shipping is $110. Similarly, for a 200$ screen, shipping is $300.

So while it's nice that international shipping is available, it's not very practical unless you have very deep bitcoin pockets.

The site's been up less than a day and it's still very early beta. I've been informed that the shipping estimates being provided at checkout are not even close to correct for non-U.S. customers and that's something they're working hard to fix. Give them time :)

Yeah, $110 shipping for a freaking five-gram USB WiFi dongle. And I see that the minimum order is $1000 during their beta :/

Both the minimum order and extra international shipping costs will go away as we move forward. They were unfortunate hurdles we had to place in order to get the site public on schedule.

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