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It's called BitcoinStore, but the prices are only shown in USD. I expect it will show the conversion on the checkout page, but at first glance the concept feels like just a marketing gimmick.

I agree, the price should not be shown in dollars, otherwise I feel it kind of defeats the purpose. But this could be the beginning of something great. Bitcoin needs a real economy behind it to sustain itself and to become a lot less susceptible to speculators.

I don't see point displaying the bitcoin price, instead they should post what their conversion rate is. Still like to compare the prices with other USD rates.

I'm not saying they shouldn't show the dollar value, I just expect them to at least show the bitcoin price next to it with a name like BitcoinStore.

We're adding the option soon. For now we just wanted to get the site out there so people could see the savings they can receive if they use Bitcoin. Having the prices set in USD helps consumers compare across sites much easier.

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