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As someone who wants to like Apple (and owns a bunch of iOS gear), I agree. But the fanboys are loving it. I'll never understand that kind of corporate partisanship.

Realistically, 99% of potential customers won't even know about this sort of thing. But sometimes I do wish Apple would just make the tiny bit of effort to step on to the moral high ground.

>I'll never understand that kind of corporate partisanship.

It's no different from sport and patriotism. It's exactly the same mentality. Everyone* has their team.

But with sports, at least there's a purpose. It's not very interesting if you don't care about the outcome, so you pick teams to support. Preferably local ones so you can go to games. And it's fun.

With companies, you gain absolutely nothing by "supporting" them in the same way. You're just ceding objectivity that's useful when making purchasing decisions.

> But the fanboys are loving it.

I see that it's problematic to point at people on the internet - but is there any proof of this? I get the impression that the whole internet knows that "Apple fanboys are like that" when there are only 2.5 people somewhere deep inside MacRumors who actually confirm the stereotype.

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