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I think a lot of this applies to me, I have a bad habit of leaving windows open for things I am not actively working on even though I know this can really bog me down mentally. However, while I think there is a lot of value in clearing your workspace to remove friction, someone also gave me some really good advice to help with getting started in the morning that is a little bit contradictory. The advice is to leave something partially finished that you can easily get right back into it when you get back to work. Sometimes the act of starting something new can be too much to overcome first thing in the morning, and then you get sidetracked. If you leave something ready to go that you can easily do, it can help you get into work mode immediately.

Deliberately leaving some piece of low-hanging fruit at the end of a session so that it's there to pick up at the beginning of the next session is a really good idea.

I think leaving breadcrumbs for yourself can be a great way to reduce friction. The challenge for me has been when I wake up and I find that I've left myself a bunch of breadcrumbs for several different tasks.

Just do a code review in the morning to warm up, instead of hurriedly finishing yesterday's work and then tossing it aside to start something new.

The idea is to leave something fun but approachable ready to go to make it easy to get into work mode. I don't enjoy code review very much, so for me trying to do this first would be a recipe for procrastination.

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