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Can someone explain though, non-code, under what conditions is the resizing taking place?

The onresize event fires whenever you change the sized of your browser window. Eg it occurs when you maximize the window or when you click-and-drag on the corner of the window in order to make it smaller or larger. See also https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/DOM/window.onresize

and when you zoom out.

It resizes the height of the "hero" element (the iPad mini promo at this time) so that it takes up the whole height of the browser window, pushing the footer below the fold.

so thus pushing the verdict out of view without scrolling down....which if they make it take up the whole space, most people dont bother scrolling down...

It's interesting that without javascript the menu is less spaced-apart, and the iPad Mini image is smaller. You can see the elements shift up and down the page as you turn on/off javascript.

I do suspect that this is nefarious because the US version of the front page does not exhibit the same behavior -- i.e. disabling javascript does not move elements (and thus, the judgement) up and down the screen at all, nor does it resize the iPad mini image.

Suspiciously, this auto-resizing action is not available on apple.com, but only apple.co.uk.

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