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...best Linux DEs I know are:

1. latest Mac OS + ssh-ing into your Linux machine 2. a Windows 7 + ssh-ing into your Linux machine 3. latest Mac OS or Windows 7 + Linux server in the VM

(...now fastening my seatbelt and gettin ready to be downvoted all the way to hell:P )

Perhaps you could explain why you feel this way? That might make it less trollish and make this into a productive conversation. If the only response you can anticipate is downvoting, you're doing it wrong.

...to calm things down, I actually believe using one OS for all your needs can work for most people that have all their skills in one "bucket" ...but not when you're put in the position of doing devops + web development + design (and yeah Adobe software is important and hard/impossible to replace for 90% of people doing pro design - if only for being able to edit and send back edited copies to your colleagues) + desktop app development (either Windows or Mac OS...), because you're going to use 2 OSs no matter what (and it's going to be Mac OS or Windows + a Linux or BSD...) + using some finance shit that REQUIRES Microsoft Office, and when you're already at this point, the only sensible solution, perfomance-wise (and the only one that actually works if you throw in some occasional video editing in the mix with premiere or after-effects...) is putting the Linux in the VM, because you need a "monster" machine to do it the other way around (and a "monster" machine under 2 kgs / 4.5 punds and with good battery life is not available right now...), so here's one winded road that got me here...

And yes, I believe either KDE or XFCE are DEs that can work for me (XMonad is cool but I'm not into tiling WMs...) if I were to only do server-side dev and devops...

I'm curious, but what advantages does that bring?

The advantages of pure Linux are:

- tiling window managers (xmonad, dwm) - only need to learn/administer one OS - works without network connectivity OR doesn't require an overpowered machine to run both OS's in one - plus all the other advantages of Linux, like apt-get being a first class citizen

Agreed and its what I do with windows. My rationale is that power management works properly, I have to test against windows anyway and all the Linux desktops suck, oh and I need to use office still.

I actually agree with you. Macbook air + iterm2 + linode is a very good combination IMHO. You get a good GUI and a developer friendly linux environment.

I upvoted you. Didn't see that comin, huh ?

Because OSX terminal bindings aren't completely insane and broken. (This is a sarcastic comment)


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