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"trying out" != "switches". Let's see how long he can stand it.

Very true. XFCE & LXDE are the cleanest DEs by far (among the top five)

From what I've seen, mate (the Gnome 2 fork) looks decent too. After the disaster that was Gnome 3 I've went away from full DEs to a simple but great tiling window manager (awesome, that's the name of it as well as the description). Since 99% of my use cases really involve just a terminal or firefox that's probably as good as it gets for me :) No bloat, just great usability without ever needing the mouse - which is especially great on a laptop since touchpads have always been suboptimal pointing devices.

Although I don't use it day to day, I was rather impressed by Cinnamon (on Mint). It's got the GNOME 3 visual wizziness, without all the usability problems that GNOME 3 suffers from.


The Cinnamon desktop is a Kickstarter worthy effort. I believe it supersedes Linux Mint in its possible impact, because it is potentially usable on any Linux flavor.

Cinnamon is great. I'm actually using a gnome classic DE right now, but i suspect that I'll switch to cinnamon when it becomes more polished.

Indeed. I've tried all desktop environments on Linux.

I have finally settled on a Windows 7 machine with PuTTY and Firefox. That appears to be the best desktop environment for Linux.

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