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Hey! Really cool stuff. I'm 15, and have been programming since I was 9, but I'm more focused in stuff like Systems Programming and Machine Learning, thus I have not really released anything interesting.

> Systems Programming and Machine Learning

Oh? What are you working on? Do you have any code available?

I'm currently working in a Revision Control software in Go (While learning the language), I'll push it to Github when I have a somewhat working prototype.

You're the coolest 15 year old. Email me (profile) when you upload, I'd love to check it out.

Interesting. What from those fields are you applying to revision control?

I'm curious too. Semantic diffs maybe? (This change affects control flow, this one doesn't; this change adds complexity, this one removes it.) Something like that would be useful for getting an overview of a project's evolution, instead of highlighting major commits only in terms of lines changed (often just a meaningless refactor.)

Basically I started with the things I like from Git, I simplified them and I ditched everything else: It's a personal project so I can learn Go.

I'm not really implementing any Machine Learning to the project, it's not related.

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