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They've fixed all of the bugs I've reported to them.

They are a popular software product, with a public bug tracker. They are likely to get more bug reports than they can deal with. Every software project gets more bug reports than they can deal with. I have never found a software project in which there weren't people who were unhappy with how quickly they fix or respond to bugs. Could they hire someone to sort through their bug tracker, or hook it up to an analysis engine to look for potential duplicates? Maybe. But that would be a lot of time and money spent, for not much gain.

I don't see Chrome as being much worse than any other random project you can name; and in fact, their automated testing is good enough that I am comfortable running their Dev Channel browser as my primary browser, and have run into very few problems doing so. Once or twice it broke for a few days in ways that I never tracked down to report, but was fixed within a week; and there have been a couple of bugs that I have reported that have also been fixed within a week or two. I've been running Dev channel as my primary browser for about 3 years now, with no show-stopping bugs, and only a handful of minor ones.

They fixed the bug we reported too, one day later! It's possible they already had a fix in the works, but we were surprised at the quick turnaround nonetheless.

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