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When I was in college, and shortly afterward, I was very much into "new programming paradigms" and would get excited about lazy evaluation or continuations or whatever was the new cool idea going around. I have designed and implemented several programming languages built around new / wacky features; the most recent of these was ten years ago.

What you are hearing now is not ignorance, it is experience. I am a tremendously better programmer than I was in those days, and the way I got better was not by getting excited about wacky ideas; it was by really noticing what really works, and what doesn't; by noticing what are the real problems that I encounter in complicated programming projects, rather than what inexperienced / pundit / academic programmers tell me the problems are.

Clearly you didn't really read my comment, though, since you are saying "If callbacks work for you in your job..." and my entire point is that callbacks are terrible.

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