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Good points. Part of being okay with sucking is that if you're okay with sucking – you're more likely to be okay with shipping.

The surprising thing I've found about being okay about sucking at writing is that often the "barf drafts" (as I call them) that seem god-awful when I'm actually writing them, turn out being pretty darn good when I revisit them.

Is it possible to be good at sucking? Or, is there anyone who is the best at it, and either in frequency or strength of sucking (e.g. do you want to suck tremendously hard once or suck very little very often)?

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job comes to mind. They make an art of "sucking."

Lou Reed has a horribly sucky singing voice. I love him for it.

That's a whole nother dimension though. Sucking so hard til you come out the other side, then it's a win.

The better you get at being a beginner, the less you judge things as being sucky or not. It's the "sucks" that constitutes jumping to a conclusion.

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