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Ask HN: Where do you guys find graphics for your side projects
48 points by iman453 1601 days ago | hide | past | web | 19 comments | favorite
I see all these awesome side projects that people here crank out over a weekend or so, and was wondering where you guys find the UI stuff for those? I'm new to programming, but think that I know enough to make some basic web apps. Not sure what to do about the UI graphics though.


You'd be amazed what you can do with pure CSS these days, however there's loads of sites out there offering stuff for free. Here are a few of my favourites..

http://ui-cloud.com/ (Search engine for UI graphics)

http://subtlepatterns.com/ (Patterns for backgrounds)

http://www.dinpattern.com/ (Patterns for backgrounds)





You can also search on Dribbble.com for terms like 'free' or 'psd' as there's a lot of talented, generous people on there!

Be sure to read the licence of anything you download from these sites, often the author requires attribution or doesn't allow their use on commercial products.

Great comment -- I would also add http://iconfinder.com/ to the list (made by another YCer), especially as it allows me to filter icon searches by license.

Oh that's a great one, cheers!

I'm also quite fond of http://icomoon.io/ - There's a lot of decent free fonts but the real beauty is that you can add your own icons and create a custom font with just the ones you need!

If you by YCer mean Hacker news member, then yes. We haven't joined YC (got into 500 startups, though).


That is indeed what I meant. Sorry for the mixup.

Thanks so much! That's a great collection :)

Bootstrap is awesome!


These are not free, but very good quality for a low price.

http://graphicriver.net/ http://themeforest.net/ http://3docean.net/

They look really good, thank you :)

Icon fonts are awesome.

http://glyphicons.com/ (Paid if you want formats other than png)



Found this directory of resources in my designer brother's bookmarks: http://skout.co.za/. Not sure how updated it is though.

the noun project is awesome much kudos to them

If you are looking for background images(e.g. I just need a photo of a baby) - I generally use flickr.

Make sure to use the advanced search and select the "Find content to use commercially" option - and also don't forget to link back to the creators of images you use.

You should definitely take a look at Twitter Bootstrap: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

It helps you get a decent (actually way more than decent) looking UI in no time.



Amazing place to get (simple) icons:


Great icon and label graphics:


Great question! Been wondering this for ages!

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