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Using Inferno at Work (debu.gs)
34 points by 4ad on Nov 2, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I have used inferno every work day for the past several years, either as Acme-SAC on Windows or natively compiled on a Linux machine. I have found that the minimal unix, coupled with the Acme interface, mean I spend a lot more time getting things done, and a lot less time (almost zero) retyping. Since it's a VM with its own shell and systems language, I can port my daily tools easily between whatever machines I'm working on, which has been great at client sites where I can just run my environment from a usb stick on one of their loaner computers.

I am very excited to see real usage of ~obscure OSes.

Other articles on this blog mention even lesser known ones.

What is Inferno?

An alternative distributed os, descendant to plan9.


I'm with you. I find it odd that after a rather long blog post about it, I still had no idea what it is.

Previous entries on the blog cover introductions to the OS in a bit more depth. Introductions for it are not too difficult to find overall, but anything past scratching the surface is less easy to find; that's the gap I was attempting to fill.

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