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Ask HN: Anyone here have schizophrenia?
6 points by xantide 1904 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Do you have schizophrenia? Do you know of a programmer who does?

My brother has schizophrenia or is bipolar. He was a programmer. I have posted here very rarely, to provide links to the evidence of the causal link between canabis and schizophrenia, and to point out the devistation that may result.

Can I help?

Could you perhaps repost those links? I don't see them anywhere on your profile.

Dear Xantide, I previously posted as schizoBrother which you can find as I just did. I have not posted before on any other subject and created a new profile for privacy.

I am just trying to avoid others having the problems my family. Is it for yourself, or another you are asking?

The first person I think of is the author of LoseThos, especially as he frequently posts on HN. I suppose it's been renamed to SparrowOS now though.


Well, I have a lot of experience here, shall we call it. E-Mail in profile if you want to chat about it. I love HN, but some information way personal. That being said, I'd love to chat.

I'm a student programmer with schizophrenia. Not sure what you want or if I can help but if you want you can throw me an email to my hotmail address: illustroofserenus and we can have a chat.

"Who steals my purse, steals trash, twas mine, tis his, It has been a servant to thousands of others. Who steals my name, takes that which enricheth him not, but makes me poor indeed."

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