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Show HN: Determine expertise from Twitter. We've run the YC partners
17 points by jeffchuber 1574 days ago | hide | past | web | 14 comments | favorite
We wanted a way to share what we had learned online (first expressed by what we had shared on twitter). So we built this.

http://knowitapp.com/paulg http://knowitapp.com/foundersatwork http://knowitapp.com/paultoo http://knowitapp.com/garrytan http://knowitapp.com/gralston http://knowitapp.com/harjeet

(Bonus: you can see your similarity if you login - and no we won't tweet from your account)

What do you guys and gals think?


Your "successful graph import" email sent me to this link: http://knowitapp.com//graph which tries to render as the User "Graph" (who unfortunately hasn't tweeted yet! https://twitter.com/graph).

Update the email link to http://knowitapp.com/_user_/graph !

Thanks! on it :)

Also, I'm still not able to access my Interest Graph. It just pops up with a blank background.

Cool concept.

I went to knowitapp.com/ikawe. I clicked "claim my profile". I entered twitter creds. Then I was bounced back to playpen.knowitapp.com/ikawe. I saw a bunch of [PHP errors]. When I go to knowitapp.com/ikawe, It still says it doesn't know me, and offers for me to "claim my profile".

Is your twitter auth callback url wrong?

[PHP errors] http://www.pastebucket.com/5130

Oh, the downside of being sloppy with button links. Looks like a test link got away from us. Fixed now! Thanks so much for pointing it out :)

After signing in, it offered some interesting people for me to follow.

I tried clicking on Romney's link, which led me to http://knowitapp.com/start/mittromney - but then I got a 404: "The requested URL /start/mittromney.php was not found on this server."

Looks like you guys are just linking to an outdated URL scheme, should be /mittromney

fixed. thanks! sorry about that.

Bug report: On your front page, when opening the drop-down. If you enter a twitter username as it suggests, ie: @username. You are redirected to http://knowitapp.com/@username which gives a 404.

Do you have a formal place to report bugs?

Thanks for bringing this up. We have a feedback form for people who are logged in. But not otherwise. This is as good a place as any for bug reports, at the moment ;-)

I like it.

Now obviously there are tons of other applications playing with the social graph, and it's about filtering the noise, but visually it's nicely presented, and makes a nice digital calling card.

Are there plans to develop this further?

We've got the Facebook integration basically ready to go on the back-end, but we're waiting to integrate it into the front-end until we get more user feedback about how the site currently stands (and work out a few small bugs, as others have been so helpful to point out here).

We'd love this to be the place on the Web where people go to answer the question "What does Nick know about?" And be able to get a much faster and richer understanding about your knowledge and interests than they would be able to get from a glance at (or even several minutes of reading) your Twitter of Facebook wall.

Bug report: I got the email Subject: "Your graph has been updated!". But the link inside took me to http://knowitapp.com//graph

Thanks! Fixed now. It should be http://knowitapp.com/[your_twitter_handle]

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