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San Francisco, CA - Full Time

I work for Clever, a YCS12 company. It's quite honestly the best job I've ever had. Every day I get to solve fun and interesting problems in a market (education) where I can actually tell people that I'm trying to make the world better.

This is copy+pasted from our jobs page (https://getclever.com/about/jobs):

## Things we're looking for:

Experience with consuming and/or creating RESTful Hypermedia APIs

Comfort with a variety of languages (we use the best tool for the job, everything from Node.js to bash scripts)

Devops experience scaling up systems including AWS and MongoDB

Ability to quickly pick up new technology and apply it effectively

## What Clever offers:

A chance to revolutionize education

Competitive salary and significant equity stake in well-funded company

Flat and close-knit engineering team with lots of peer code review and pair programming

Great benefits - healthcare, dental, unlimited Amazon budget, beautiful office, etc

To apply, email jobs+engineer@getclever.com

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