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San Francisco, CA Full time.

I'm looking for a Director of International Operations for Kongregate, reporting to the COO (I'm CEO). This would be a smart generalist who could handle lots of different responsibilities - I'm open to various combinations of product management, engineering, and other backgrounds. We're expanding our international efforts and need more leadership.

Kongregate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GameStop, but we operate very independently. We have over 15mm monthly unique visitors who spend nearly 2 billion minutes playing games on our site per month. 75% of our revenue is from virtual goods. We have 36 employees.

(we're also looking for good web and mobile engineers, as is everyone else...)

Hi. I'd like to find out more. You can reach me out at [email address redacted]. Also on twitter at @andreipotorac. Thanks!

Hi Jim,

Very interested in speaking more about this position. What's the best way to reach you?


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