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Kaggle, Developer (San Francisco, CA) https://www.kaggle.com/careers/

As a Kaggle developer, you'll be building the platform at the center of the data science universe. You'll develop the infrastructure that enables Kaggle’s wordwide network of data scientists to compete and tackle the world’s most difficult predictive modeling problems. The tools you will develop go the heart of Kaggle's mission and technology offerings.

On a typical day, you might:

* Write code for our back-end using the latest version of C#, ReSharper, ASP.NET MVC, and Azure. Front-end developers use tools like jQuery, knockout.js, and LESS. We place an emphasis on pragmatic problem solving, but are always adopting new technologies that help us get there faster.

* Develop and deploy on a daily basis with Git, and take ownership over features used by tens of thousands of data scientists.

* Help define both our engineering approaches, and overall company strategy and long-term priorities. Everyone at Kaggle is engaged in all parts of the business, and opinions are taken seriously.

* Work with a brilliant team of engineers and data scientists on the cutting edge of machine learning. Not all of us have a background in math or machine learning, but all of us get excited about it.

* Get whatever tools you need from our corporate Amazon account: no painful approval required.

* Work with the data science team to make competitions smooth and scalable.

* Build out key community functionality like user profiles, collaboration tools, or content engines.

* Integrate winning algorithms into Kaggle Engine, our RESTful prediction and scoring engine.

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