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San Jose :: Build FPGA design tools at Altera

Altera is one of the leading designers of FPGA devices in the world. I'm an engineer in the software team, developing mostly embedded design and instrumentation tools for FPGAs.

We are looking for software developers experienced or with a strong desire to learn about Computer Architecture, FPGA design, Digital Logic, Embedded Systems, and more, while at the same time developing engineering design tools in high level languages. To give you an idea of what we do, these are some of the projects that involved me at Altera:

  * Designed and implemented a high performance on-chip network that's used
    in thousands of routers, base stations, and switches around the world.
  * Created a hardware/software instrumentation framework in a mix of Java, C++, C, 
    and Verilog. This is the foundation for all the debuggers at Altera.
  * Modified the GCC toolchain to add support for Altera's processors, like our
    NiosII soft processor.
  * Implemented a GDB Server from scratch in Java.
  * Defined and implemented the pieces of an ARM CoreSight debug subsystem.
  * Implemented infrastructure used in a C-to-Gates compiler.
  * Spent hours hacking away with the tools and many of the available
    development boards.
If the above sound interesting to you, then Altera might be the place that you've been looking for. Send me an email to sbrugada at altera.com telling me why you think this would be a good match. You should attach your resume too.

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