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Palo Alto, CA --- Full Times & Paid Internships --- H1B OK, Relocation Friendly, Full Benefits.

After spending almost a decade working for Steve Jobs, Tony Fadell, the iPod Godfather, decided it was time to think of the home beyond a mere shelter. Last year, Nest established the first corner stone of this vision by releasing its first learning Thermostats; recently, Nest delivered again by introducing the second version of the Thermostat, which was lauded by the New York Times as “gorgeous, elegant, and very, very smart.” [1]

Video of our Thermostat: http://goo.gl/nrM2l

To deliver on the vision of bringing Apple-like discipline to home automation, we are currently looking for motivated individuals with any of the following skill sets:

-Mobile Developer: iOS or Android

-Frontend developers: our frontend stack is in Django, and we’re also using Amber.js, Backbone.js, and more.

-Backend Developers: our stack is in Scala, and we’re more than happy to teach you horizontal/vertical scaling.

-Algorithm & Machine Learning Experts: the thermostats provide tons of data we use to help people save energy.

-EE people in Networking, System Integration, Firmware...etc

We’re still a pretty small team but we’ve got big ambitions and are already having a tangible impact (wait ‘til you see our energy saving numbers). If you want to come change the world with us, please feel free to send us a note at jose@nestlabs.com (or reply to this thread).

[1] http://goo.gl/JHyo4

When you say paid internships, do you mean for next summer? Your company sounds wonderfully exciting, but over here the Winter Semester just started and I have yet to pin down whether I'll be expected to stay around for summer here at grad school or what.

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