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Funding Gates (NYC) - Full Time, local or remote (local preferred; relocation provided). Ruby/Rails or JavaScript (Ember.js) experts.

We're a Series A funded (all private, no VC) b2b startup going live in a week. Our mission is to keep small and medium sized companies ($100k to ~$25M rev) in business by helping them get paid on time, every time.

We import their accounting data (invoices, customers) and give them timely alerts, help them triage their receivables problems, use our own secret-sauce to predict customer quality (can they pay on time, etc.), and a whole lot more.

Our aim is to be an outsourced receivables management platform for every small and medium sized business in America (international later, as the rules and regs are a lot more complex - the product will work).

We're looking for amazing developers to work on our main product, a ruby-on-rails JSON backend to an ember.js frontend. You should be a full-stack generalist proficient in either Rails or JS. Developers at Funding Gates are smart, humble, honest, friendly, optimistic, and caring, and we don't tolerate working with jerks. We're not looking for rockstars, ninjas, or bros: we value teamwork over heroics, collaboration over silos, and pragmatism over dogma.

We have a strong engineering/hacker culture, offer unlimited vacation and a Results-Only Work Environment (http://gorowe.com). We are offering above-average salary and for the right people, significant equity.

You can get more details at: http://www.fundinggates.com/jobs/

Contact me at rogish@fundinggates.com. I look forward to talking with you!

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