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Sonian (Newton, MA) - Full time, local or remote

We're a funded (recently closed Series C) email archiving startup with many customers. We are looking for an additional engineer for our operations (or "devops" if you prefer) team, to take us from merely using configuration management and automated deploys to delivering our internal services as dependable, multi-IaaS-portable tools that empower the rest of the company to solve customer issues.

We have offices outside of Boston (Newton), but our dev and ops teams are mostly remote, and we meet over VOIP and pair-program in tmux.

Some highlights of what we do:

  +   We manage hundreds of compute instances across multiple clouds, including over a petabyte of data.
  +   We write the code to help facilitate deploying our application to new public clouds.
  +   We automate everything we possibly can
  +   We build up awesome applications, and then opensource them (Perhaps you've heard of our monitoring framework Sensu - https://github.com/sensu )
  +   We meet up 2-3 times a year in Boston with the rest of the company.
What are we looking for in a new member of our team?

  +   Excitement, energy and a willingness to learn something new.
  +   The ability to take a task from idea to code to testing to deploy (all within a short amount of time).
  +   Bring new ideas around project or processes to the team - if we like it - we'll do it.
  +   You can work from home, from our Newton, MA headquarters, or your local coffee shop.  Anywhere with Internet access.
  +   You'll be part of an on-call rotation with the rest of our team.
  +   Flexible person who can work by themselves or pair with their team to teach or learn.
What are some things you should know or have worked with before? (Some, many or all)

  +   Ruby 
  +   Chef (comfortable writing cookbooks, LWRP's, etc), Fog
  +   Rails, Sinatra
  +   Git or other DVCS
  +   Strong System administration with Ubuntu (includes security, logging, monitoring, web/SQL admin, etc, etc)
  +   Contributing to open source
Interested? - Contact pete.cheslock@sonian.com or https://twitter.com/petecheslock, and let him know you saw this post. Please include a short summary of why you think you would be a good fit, resume/blog/etc, and a link to a Github account or other code samples.

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