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BERLIN - EyeQuant (http://eyequant.com) - we hire internationally and are experienced in getting work permits for US-citizens in Germany.

* Lead Designer / Front-End Engineer: http://berlinstartupjobs.com/design-ux/lead-designer-front-e...

* Python Engineer: http://berlinstartupjobs.com/engineering/e-g-senior-python-d...

EyeQuant is the world's first scalable neuromarketing web service that instantly predicts where users will look on a screenshot or website. We help companies and advertisers to optimize designs for dramatically higher conversion rates and improved usability faster and more efficient than ever before. Our customers include Google, Spotify, Groupon and some of the world’s best conversion optimization agencies. And we’re just getting started. In 2013, we are going to release a product that you’ll want to tell your grandchildren about. Hint: it’s not a photosharing app.

Just emailed you guys about the design position!

Hey Peter - thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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