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Unifyo | Cambridge UK | Full-time

Unifyo is building clever technology that helps people focus on being productive. Our flagship product is helping successful businesses to stay on top of their ever growing number of customer and contact relationships. By being a browser extension, we can show up in any web application the user is using.

Our product is written mostly in Javascript, running on a Ruby on Rails backend, talking to a large variety of APIs, including Google, Twitter, Salesforce and Highrise. We aren’t afraid of legacy schleps either, including IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. We run our software in the cloud and use a variety of continuous testing and deployment tools.

We are adding two people to our team. Because we wan the best candidates and are happy to shuffle things around to help them fit, we're advertising three roles:

Javascript hacker – responsible for the client-side experience of Unifyo, working across browsers, both as an extension and also embeddable directly.

Rails expert – keep our code running smoothly and scaling as we add users, as well as adding new API integrations. You’ll need to think up smart algorithms to match and select data, and straightforward ways to store and retrieve it.

All-round programmer – We’re happy to be flexible and for people to move around and learn within the company, so if you’re a quick learner then we’d like to hear from you.

We’re a small, fun team, with an emphasis on enjoying our work and learning. Getting involved will be a great way to learn and gain loads of experience really really fast. We’ll also offer a competitive salary and stock options so you can share in the company’s success.

Contact me directly: robin@unifyo.com or check out https://unifyo.com/jobs

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