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Amsterdam, The Netherlands. H1B[1]

Booking.com is always on the lookout for good developers, team leads, DBA's and sysadmins on-site in the center of Amsterdam. I'm a developer there working on infrastructure tasks and relocated there just over two years ago and have been very happy with it.

We're currently looking to fill 25 developer positions (which matches our growth curve), and are also looking for senior team leads.

We have people from all over the world relocating to work with us and are very well set up to handle relocation and visa issues, most of the people working in IT are expats so we've got a lot of experience with bringing people in. All our internal communication is done in English so there's no need to learn Dutch.

We use Perl for almost everything with a MySQL backend and Git for development. We get our changes out really fast, it's rare for your code not to be on our live systems within hours of you pushing it. We're also very open to open sourcing code that doesn't contain any business logic, I've personally been involved in open sourcing a few of our internal tools, including https://github.com/git-deploy and a few CPAN modules.

I'd be happy to answer any questions at avarab@gmail.com and/or forward your resume, You can also apply directly at http://booking.com/jobs if you'd prefer.

1. Well, not H1B, but we'll take care of the Dutch equivalent. If you are not from the EU we will apply for a work & residence permit for you and your family if needed.

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