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Power Analytics | Raleigh, NC | Full Time

We're looking for a JavaScript developer to work on our CAD-type app done in SVG, JavaScript, and jQuery.

We sell electrical power system simulation and modeling software into data centers, oil and gas, manufacturing, and government. Help us work on the web-based interface to our simulation engine. You will help built a CAD-like WYSIWYG designer using SVG, Canvas, and JS.

Take a look at Google Doc Drawings. It's done in SVG. This is the kind of program we're working on. Does this sounds interesting to you? If so, we want to talk. Also, we're looking for someone who understands web frameworks and databases. We use C# ASP.NET MVC, but if you have experience with Java, Python, or Ruby web frameworks you'll be fine.

You'll need to have at least a couple years experience writing object oriented JS and understand standard web stuff like caching, AJAX, CSS, etc.

Email rkoopman@poweranalytics.com and mention Hacker News in the subject.

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