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Is this related to the Moot?

Not related to Christopher Poole in any ways.

Doesn't look like it, but quite a silly name choice for a product around online discussions.

Moot = verb (used with object) to present or introduce (any point, subject, project, etc.) for discussion.


Cannot think of a better domain name.

Just because the definition of the word sort of describes what the product is doesn't mean it's the best domain name. moot is the name of someone that developed an extremely popular site that also facilitates re-imagined forums and commenting.

It surely is re-imagined. For example:


Even with 4chan we think moot.it is the best domain name for us and we'll both see how it works.

"Moot" is an Old English word for a meeting, which I believe is still in modern usage. I've heard it used at any rate. So not that bad a name really.

Yea. There are other meanings too making the name a bit controversial. Cannot be a bad thing for raising discussion.

See also "Entmoot" from Lord of the Rings.

it's also slang for ladybits in some areas. Humorous.

That's funny. I never heard it was used in that way!

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