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Ask HN: Best way to find front-end/UI developers?
4 points by capkutay on Nov 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
My company has spent some time trying to recruit front-end and UI developers in the Bay Area. We want to spend at least another month searching before we go through a recruiter.

Does anybody have any advice as to which job sites work best specifically for finding front-end/UI devs? dice.com? stackoverflow.com? Thanks! Ping me if you have any other ideas.


A good front-end/UI engineer is in general hard to find, because these individuals ideally need to live at the intersection of development and design. You should also consider searching http://dribbble.com/ for engineers with design/UI interest. Another good destination would be to post a job at http://jobs.37signals.com and make sure you have the right job description. Good front-end guys/girls are usually looking for specific requirements in a job post, to make sure their potential employer is aware of their unique position within the technology stack. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna know more...

I'm going to piggyback onto this and hopefully get a good collective together. As someone that mostly fits this description I've been trying to find similar folks on Dribbble to add to my Developer inspiration list (http://dribbble.com/mandynicole/lists/4584-Developers). If you have an account and fancy yourself a dev/designer combo (or even just a dev with a Dribbble account), let me know so I can add you!

Thanks! I am a dev but not a designer. Just created a dribbble account and added you!

You might really be looking for two people: Separate out the UI from the front-end development. Yes there are some people who can do both tasks well, but even then they tend to be stronger on one side than the other.

Also in the Bay Area there would be a ton of competition, so you may want to broaden your geographic scope (or even recruit people to come to the Bay Area if you hit a wall).

I maintain a small ad-free site that links to a bunch of job boards[1]. There are definitely a few good sites out there.

You can also wait until tomorrow morning and post in the monthly WhoIsHiring thread.

[1] http://careers.sh

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