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Zenbox Acquires Wishery (zenboxapp.com)
66 points by sgrove 1604 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Congratulations Cooper and Sean! Wishery was pointed in the right direction and Zenbox is a great home.

Thanks - Cooper and team really built a legion of passionate users, and it's been great working with them. It's a virtuous cycle when you work on a product that people care about enough to encourage you to keep building and refining.

re: Cooper - couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I know what you mean, he's built a following just by being nice, listening well, and happily giving advice. I've really enjoyed working with him personally.

Wow, thanks everyone! I'm incredibly lucky to have such talented, motivated, and kind people around me.

I remain really interested in startups and growing companies that are part of the "integration economy" - those that have, as a core part of their business, the publication and/or consumption of APIs - those that make the whole equal more than the sum of the parts.

I met Cooper personally back in March. He's an obvious winner with a hard working ethic. Kudos to them!

Copper's a good guy, New Relic is lucky to have him. And Wishery is kind of cool, too.

Wow, that's cool. As a Wishery early believer and advisor, I am glad this product has found a new home!

I was lucky enough to sit down with Cooper early on in his Wishery journey, and I was extremely impressed. Tenacious, authentic, and just a nice guy. Congrats to Cooper and the Wishery team!

I had the pleasure of meeting the Wishery folks a year ago. Absolutely great guys. Congrats, Sean & Cooper.

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